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Dienste in Übersee  

Site: Germany, Berlin

Dienste in Übersee gGmbH (DÜ) sucht seit gut 60 Jahren Entwicklungshelferinnen und Entwicklungshelfer für Partnerorganisationen von Brot für die Welt. DÜ wählt diese ökumenisch und entwicklungspolitisch engagierten Fachkräfte nach standardisierten Verfahren aus, schult sie in intensiver, mehrwöchiger Vorbereitung auf den Dienst und begleitet sie während der Zeit im Ausland und nach der Rückkehr.


Brot für die Welt ist das weltweit tätige Entwicklungswerk der evangelischen Kirchen in Deutschland. In mehr als 90 Ländern rund um den Globus befähigt das Werk arme und ausgegrenzte Menschen, aus eigener Kraft ihre Lebenssituation zu verbessern. Dabei arbeitet Brot für die Welt eng mit lokalen, oft kirchlichen Partnerorganisationen zusammen.


DÜ ist eine der bundesweit sieben vom Entwicklungshelfer-Gesetz (EhfG) anerkannten Organisationen. Mit einem Vertrag nach EhfG erhalten Fachkräfte auch im Ausland eine sozialversicherungsrechtliche Absicherung nach deutschen Standards. Zudem vermittelt DÜ in Vorbereitung und Begleitung relevantes Wissen und praktische Fähigkeiten für die interkulturelle Tätigkeit mit den Menschen.

Wir freuen uns über Ihr Interesse an entwicklungspolitischer Arbeit und suchen für unsere Partnerorganisationen im globalen Süden immer qualifizierte Fachkräfte. Alle aktuelle Ausschreibungen finden Sie hier.

Ihre Initiativbewerbung können Sie uns hier schicken.


Dienste in Übersee gGmbH (DÜ) has been looking for development workers for partner organisations of Bread for the World for a good 60 years. DÜ selects these ecumenically and developmentally committed professionals according to standardised procedures, trains them in intensive preparation for the service lasting several weeks and accompanies them during their time abroad and after their return.

Bread for the World is the worldwide development agency of the Protestant churches in Germany. In more than 90 countries around the globe, the organisation empowers poor and marginalised people to improve their living conditions through their own efforts. Bread for the World works closely with local, often church-based partner organisations.

DÜ is one of the seven organisations in Germany recognised by the German Development Aid Act (EhfG). With a contract according to the EhfG, professionals receive social security coverage according to German standards abroad. In addition, DÜ imparts relevant knowledge and practical skills for intercultural work with people in preparation and accompaniment.

We appreciate your interest in development policy work and are always looking for qualified professionals for our partner organisations in the Global South. You can find all current vacancies here.

You can send us your speculative application here.

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Active job ads

Dienste in Übersee

Professional (f/m/x) for Adult Education at a local advisory organisation in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, Madang , Madang

BackgroundLocal civil society organisations (CSOs) play a crucial role in Papua New Guinea in conveying the voices of the rural population and their needs to key decision-makers. Larger organisations based in the capital Port Moresby or other urban centers generally have little experience with and connections to marginalized people and are therefore restricted in authentically representing their interests.NGO PRO has made a name for itself through innovative problem-solving strategies and good advisory concepts and is attempting to stabilize CSOs and grassroots organisations institutionally and strengthen them programmatically. It is one of the few local training and advisory institutions in the social and development sector, catering to both young individuals and adults.Over the years, NGO PRO has strengthened various local grassroots organisations, especially from the Momase region and Bougainville, through training and small amounts of financial support. These organisations can now act more independently, network and work together for the benefit of the rural population.The organization manages a small project fund to support the grassroots movements in their social commitment and further qualify them in setting up social enterprises to allow them to become more financially independent.This key partner of Bread for the World is looking for an international professional who will train and upskill NGO PRO employees using adult education methods and didactics. This will empower employees to advise CSOs in the long term and to carry out the necessary training independently.NGO PRO's office is in Madang, Papua New Guinea.Job ScopeYou will use methods and tools of adult education to update and develop training concepts, e.g. in the areas of good governance, leadership, financial management as well as planning, monitoring and evaluation.In particular, you will be responsible for:Conducting a needs analysis of additional training modules and supporting in realizing resultsAssistance in analyzing and improving existing training concepts and materials as well as advice on developing new training conceptsTraining selected NGO PRO employees on adult education methodology and didactics, mentoring and peer counselingSupport with the introduction of train-of-trainers systems and the development of a non-formal curriculumGuidance regarding the planning and execution of workshopsFurther training in the management of a larger small project fundMentoring and collegial advice for NGO PRO employeesAssistance in identifying new ways of alumni networkingProfileDegree of a human science, e.g. pedagogy (at least Bachelor's Degree)Experience in adult education, including in the non-formal sectorCompetency in English (both written and spoken)Knowledge in the creation of training materials and conceptsEnjoy learning from one other in an intercultural context of adult educationFlexibility and motivation for social integration into the culture of Papua New GuineaCitizenship of a Member State of the European Union or Switzerland is required. Benefits provided by Bread for the World and Dienste in Übersee Bread for the World provides a framework in which the professionals of Dienste in Übersee share their knowledge and skills with people of another culture. Supportive cooperation, mutual learning and intercultural exchange are enabled by:Individual preparationThree year contract with benefits in accordance with the German Development Aid Workers ActCoaching Interested?Please upload your application now. Our new job portal with all current job advertisements can be found here. Dienste in Übersee gGmbH is a 100% subsidiary of theProtestant Agency for Diakonia and Developmentwith the brand Bread for the World

Dienste in Übersee

Peace professional (f/m/x) for disaster risk prevention and management in Nepal

Nepal, Bāgmatī , Kathmandu

BackgroundFullness of life for all in a transformed Nepali society is the vision of United Mission of Nepal. UMN is committed to addressing the causes of poverty in Nepal and to achieving peace and justice for all. The focal points of UMN's work include the promotion of educational opportunities for the poorest in Nepalese society as well as contributions to improving medical care. Other areas of focus include food security, peacebuilding, strengthening Christian actors in their commitment to poverty alleviation, and dealing with the consequences of the severe earthquake of 2015 and the Covid-19 pandemic.Nepal is one of the countries that is repeatedly affected by natural disasters due to its geological and climatic conditions. In response to the 2015 earthquake, the Nepalese government approved the Disaster Reduction and Management Act in 2017 and a disaster risk reduction and prevention strategy a year later. This strategy links climate adaptation measures, sustainable development goals and disaster prevention/management. UMN, as a humanitarian organisation with good access to particularly remote areas, has already provided emergency and reconstruction aid after the earthquake in 2015, supported by Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe.UMN's organisational culture is characterised by a Christian attitude, a Nepali management style, the presence of international professionals and 60 years of experience.You are located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Job ScopeYou will contribute to capacity building in disaster risk reduction and disaster management at UMN and its partner organizations in order to strengthen structural resilience and response capacity in the face of disasters.In more detail, you will be responsible for the following:Introduction of humanitarian standards for quality and accountabilityRisk analysis taking into consideration participatory approaches and risk assessmentAnalyzing and identifying potential for self-helpDrawing up teaching materialsConceptualizing and carrying out trainings as well as mentoringBuilding a more extensive international network Profile Professional experience in humanitarian work, ideally in countries of the Global SouthSound background in standards for disaster managementA relevant university degree, minimum Master, preferably in disaster managementCompetency in English (both written and spoken)Enjoying the conception and implementation of workshopsOpenness and motivation for social integration into the culture of Nepal and of UMNAbility to travel for business in the region Citizenship of a Member State of the European Union or Switzerland is required.  Benefits provided by Bread for the World and Dienste in Übersee Bread for the World provides a framework in which the professionals of Dienste in Übersee share their knowledge and skills with people of another culture. Supportive cooperation, mutual learning and intercultural exchange are enabled by:Individual preparationThree year contract with benefits in accordance with the German Development Aid Workers ActCoaching