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Special Education Teacher  


Namibia, Ohangwena, Eenhana


Nonprofit/Community/Social Services/International Cooperation



Date: 17/12/2021


Company presentation

Comundo est la plus grande organisation suisse de coopération par l'échange de personnes. Avec une centaine de professionnelles qualifiées dans sept pays du Sud, elle renforce des organisations engagées localement en opérant un échange de compétences. Active dans l'éducation et la formation, la sécurité alimentaire, la défense des droits humains et la lutte contre le changement climatique, Comundo s'engage également à sensibiliser la société en Suisse en vue d'atteindre un monde plus juste. Elle est présente en Suisse avec des Bureaux à Lucerne, Fribourg et Bellinzone.

Job ad description

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The Namibian 'Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture' (MoEAC) is a longstanding partner organisation of Comundo in Namibia. It is committed to deliver an equitable and inclusive education for all children and adolescents. With its Directorates of Education Arts and Culture (DoEAC), it is represented in all 14 regions of the country. Especially in the north of Namibia, schools need more specific knowledge and facilities to provide adequate education for all. That is why, the Directorate of Education Arts and Culture in the Ohangwena region aims to improve the inclusive and pre-vocational education as it is set in the Inclusive Education Policy.

Your activities / tasks

As a co-worker of Comundo you contribute to the country programme of Comundo in Namibia, which supports the MoEAC and its DoEAC in the implementation of the Inclusive Education Policy. Therefore, you advice and support the DoEAC in the Ohangwena region to build the knowledge of teachers and principals for the needs of children with disabilities and provide training in specific methods. Your main activities are:

  • Promote and integrate inclusive education practices in training programmes and workshops
  • Capacitate teachers, advisory teachers, officers, inspectors, principals on inclusive education practices
  • Co-create a mechanism for monitoring the implementation of inclusive education practices and thus the Inclusive Education Policy

Your profile

  • Degree in Learner Support or Special Education Needs
  • Five years of teaching experience
  • Training of trainers' skills or adult education
  • Good command of written and spoken English
  • Monitoring and evaluation skills
  • Experience as Teacher Advisor or Principal desired

General requirements

  • Completed vocational or tertiary education
  • At least 5 years of professional experience
  • Between 25 and 60 years old.
  • Resident in Switzerland or Germany            
  • Very good knowledge of English language
  • Intercultural competences and the ability to act in diverse contexts
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Basic knowledge in project management, institutional development and adult education preferred
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • High social competencies and intercultural sensitivity
  • You are motivated to live a simple lifestyle
  • You are prepared to contribute to public relations and fundraising
  • Valid Driving license

We offer

  • An exciting working environment with ample space for initiative, participation and intercultural contacts
  • An adequate preparation
  • Introduction to the situation of the country of assignment and local support
  • Living and insurance costs during your assignment
  • Travelling costs in both directions
  • Initial financial aid after your return

More information

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More details

Job type: Staff (Permanent and Fixed Term)

Duration: 2-3 years

Macro-area: Sub-Saharan Africa

Level of experience: Professional, 3 to 5 years

Area of work: Education, Learning and Training

Type of organisation: NGOs


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