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Programme Manager Indonesia

Indonesia, Jakarta, Jakarta - swisscontact

Swisscontact is designing a program (funding to be secured) in the field of skills development for water supply services. Place of work is Jakarta, Indonesia, with frequent travel within the country. Starting date is the beginning of 2023. Tasks - improving the supply of qualified personnel with higher-level skills competencies taught at Polytechnics/Universities, voca-tional high schools (SMKs) and other training centers with well-equipped laboratories - designing courses, training instructors, procuring and setting up relevant equipment in existing laboratories, supervising the delivery of the courses and lab work to students, supervising industry engagement and On the Job Trainings (OJT) - preparation and launch of new specialization/degree program in water supply at SMK and polytechnic/university level  Requirements·    Engineering Degree and professional experience in water supply services, preferably in a managerial position·    Working experience in technical vocational education, preferably in water supply services·    At least three years of work experience in Asia·    Strong leader ability to manage a team of local experts independently·    Well established capacity to establish and execute plans with various partners as well as to monitor and evaluate results·    Good budgeting, accounting and reporting skills to assure financial and administrative smooth-running of the project·    Strong negotiation skills and the ability to apply them in a specific cultural context·    Ability to liaise with various stakeholders from private and public sector·    Good communication skills in English·    Capacity to facilitate events, workshops, meetings in a professional manner·    Willingness to travel frequently to project locations 

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10/06/2022 - 30/06/2022

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